Cutter Runout is the eccentricity caused by a combination of imperfections in the cutting tool, tool holder, and spindle. While magnitudes of cutter runout are generally small (e.g 10 μm), the effect is noticeable in high tolerance finishing operations, and can cause significant variations in the force experienced on a multi tooth cutter. The goal of this research is to design and evaluate an indirect runout estimation method, using feed force components at the spindle and tooth passing frequency. The accuracy of the method is evaluated for a range of cutting conditions for 4 and 6 tooth helical flat end mills. The standard error of the runout estimation method for 27 test cases was determined to be 7.1 μm. The error was skewed by several data points from a 6 tooth cutter. Additional testing is needed with 2, 3 and 5 tooth cutters.

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