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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Materials; Micro and Nano Technologies; Properties, Applications and Systems; Sustainable Manufacturing


Advances in Experiments and Modeling of Micromechanics and Microstructure Evolution in Manufacturing Processes

Advances in Manufacturing and Application of Metal Matrix Composites

Micro and Nano Technologies

Micro/Nano Scale Fabrication Processes

Properties, Applications and Systems

Advances in Concurrent Product Design and Manufacturing Systems

Advances in Manufacturing Systems Research for Energy Efficiency and Green Energy

Advances in Quality and Process Control in Manufacturing Systems

Challenges in Cloud Manufacturing

Competitive Manufacturing Engineering

Mechatronics for Advanced Manufacturing

Monitoring, Sensing, and Control for Intelligent Machining and Inspection

Optical Metrology and Imaging for Manufacturing Industry

System-Level Integration of Additive Manufacturing for Design, Production and Supply Planning

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Industrial Systems

Sustainable Manufacturing for Emerging Technologies

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