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Proceedings Papers

ASME 2012 International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference


Advances in Abrasive Processes

Advances in Biomanufacturing

Advances in Metal Forming

Advances in Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes

Advances in Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes

Laser, Process Innovations, and Energy Field Manufacturing Methodologies

Mechanical Polymer Processing


Advanced and Adaptive Manufacturing Systems

Advances in Quality and Process Control in Manufacturing Systems

Integrated Prognostics and Health Management System

Monitoring, Sensing, and Control for Intelligent Machining and Inspection

Robotics in Manufacturing

Micro and Nano Technologies

Nanomaterials, Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Modeling, Simulation, and Control

New Developments in Micro/Nano Manufacturing and Micro/Nano Metrology

MSEC 2012; 1001-1007doi:
Topics: Lasers

Sustainable Manufacturing

Research Advances in Green Energy Product

MSEC 2012; 1009-1015doi:
MSEC 2012; 1017-1023doi:
MSEC 2012; 1025-1031doi:
MSEC 2012; 1033-1039doi:
MSEC 2012; 1041-1047doi:

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems

MSEC 2012; 1049-1056doi:
MSEC 2012; 1057-1064doi:
MSEC 2012; 1065-1075doi:
MSEC 2012; 1077-1086doi:
MSEC 2012; 1087-1096doi:
MSEC 2012; 1097-1104doi:
MSEC 2012; 1105-1113doi:
MSEC 2012; 1115-1123doi:
MSEC 2012; 1125-1131doi:
MSEC 2012; 1133-1139doi:
MSEC 2012; 1141-1150doi:
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