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Proceedings Papers

ASME 2007 International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference

Advances in Rapid Manufacturing Technologies for Metallic Parts

Solid Freeform Fabrication for Biomedical and Tissue Engineering

Miniaturization of Molding and Casting Processes

Hybrid Macro/Meso/Micro Manufacturing Processes

Thermally-Enhanced Manufacturing

Micro-Manufacturing and Fabrication of Sensors

Communication Systems and Distributed Control in Manufacturing Enterprises

Collaborative and Digital Manufacturing for Advancing Product Quality

Topics: Space

Diagnostics, Performance Prediction and Decision Making for Intelligent Maintenance of Manufacturing Systems

Advances in Quality Control in Multistage Manufacturing Systems

Bottom-Up Nanomanufacturing

Biomedical Manufacturing

Development and Applications of Micro Manufacturing Equipment

Design and Operations of Manufacturing Systems for Responsiveness

Advances in Metal Forming

Advances in Synergistic Effects of Materials and Processing

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