This paper aims to investigate a mechanism of microdroplet formation using “multicolor confocal micro particle image velocimetry (PIV)” technique. The present system can measure dynamical behavior of multiphase flow separately and simultaneously. It also enables to identify the interactions between two immiscible fluids. We have applied this system to measure the water droplet formation at a micro T-shaped junction. We have also succeeded in dispersing fluorescent tracer particles into both phases. The interaction between the internal flow of to-be-dispersed water phase and of continuous oil phase is measured as a liquid-liquid multiphase flow. As a result of PIV measurement and interfacial geometry scanning, the relationship between flow structure of each fluid and interfacial geometry is clarified. It indicates that the gap between the tip of discontinuous flow and capillary wall, and interface area play an important role in the flow structure and shear stress on the interface.

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