This study measures the thermal conductivity of the MWNT/epoxy bulk composite material to enhance the heat transfer rates of the high power LED device. In this study, three different weight percentages (0.0 wt%, 0.3 wt% and 0.5 wt%) of MWNT/Epoxy composite and five different heat generating rates were employed for the investigation. The case of pure epoxy resins (0.0 wt%) was used as a reference. The responding time and the thermal conductivity of the composites were evaluated. The results show that the response is the fastest for composite with 0.5 wt% MWNT among three composites studied herein. The responses of the 0.3%wt and 0.5%wt composite are increased by 14.3%∼26.7% relative to that of the pure epoxy. Compare with that of the pure epoxy, the thermal conductivities for the cases with 0.3 wt% and 0.5 wt% MWNT/epoxy composite are increased by 15.9%∼44.9%. Further, the thermal conductivity does not vary with temperature for the temperature range studied herein. In the present study, the thermal conductivity of the composite material is found to increase mildly with the increasing heat generation rate.

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