Both silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) are promising materials used in nano-electro-mechanical system (NEMS), however, the understanding on its phonon heat conduction is rare, which restrict the performance improvement of NEMS. Moreover, the effects of the interface between crystals, which could significantly impact the phonon transport, on heat conduction are not sufficient in the existing publication pool. In this paper, two systems, Si/Si and Si/SiC, are simulated at different temperatures and temperature differences using molecular dynamics simulation and the results were analyzed.

The temperature of Si inside Si/SiC system was set at 280K, and the temperatures of SiC were set as a certain absolute value based on temperature difference setting. Meanwhile, 6 groups of temperature difference are applied as simulated conditions. In addition, simulated results from Si/Si system are also applied in comparative analysis as a reference group. The results suggested that the existence of the interface of Si/SiC system would reduce the capability of heat conduction compared to the heat conduction of Si/Si and reverse temperature differences are discovered. When the average temperature is higher than 280K, the heat conduction rate of Si/SiC system is higher than that of Si/Si system initially and as the temperature differences between crystals increases to 60.90K, the heat conduction rate of Si/Si system is higher than that of Si/SiC system. Similar conclusion can also be obtained when the average temperature is lower than 280K. This work provides an open opportunity to study the effect of interface on phonon heat conduction between crystals at typical temperature differences and average temperatures.

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