Piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting technology has attracted significant attention for its applications in integrated circuits, microelectronic devices and wireless sensors due to high power density, easy integration, simple configuration and other outstanding features. Among piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting structures, cantilevered beam is one of the simplest and most commonly used structures. In this work, a vertically staggered rectangle-through-holes (VS-RTH) cantilevered model of mesoscale piezoelectric energy harvester is proposed, which focuses on the multi-directional vibration collection and low resonant frequency. To verify the output performances of the device, this paper employs basic materials and fabrication methods with mathematical modeling. The simulations are conducted through finite element methods to discuss the properties of VS-RTH energy harvester on resonant frequency and output characteristics. Besides, an energy storage circuit with high power collection rate is adopted as collection system. This harvester is beneficial to the further application of devices working with continuous vibrations and low power requirements.

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