Graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) are a kind of material with excellent thermal conductivity. It can significantly improve the heat-conducting property of epoxy resin (EP) matrix. In this study, GNPs/EP composites were prepared by ultrasonication and the cast molding method. The effect of optimization in the preparation process on the thermal transfer performance of the composites was discussed. The pulverizing time of GNPs and three-roll grinder grinding of composites were considered. The results indicated that when the mass fraction of GNPs was 4.3%, in its pulverizing time of 2s, the thermal conductivity of GNPs/EP composites was up to 0.99 W/m·K, and it was increased by 9% compared with non-pulverization treatment. However, after pulverizing two seconds and grinding three times, the thermal conductivity of the composite reached the maximum (1.06 W/m·K) when the mass fraction of GNPs was 4.3%, and it was finally increased by 307.7% compared with epoxy resin matrix.

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