Recently in our research studies, ferroferric oxide magnetic micro particles were used as magnetic seeds combining with adsorbent materials during post hemodialysis (HD) nutrition recovery process. The combined particles were designed as magnetic adsorbents to selectively take back nutritional substances from waste dialysate solution, and then, these substances can be further chemically released to blood. To allow a better adsorption performance, these particles should be trapped inside their working area. So, a gradient magnetic field was designed accordingly. Instead to use a permanent magnet which could accumulate magnetic particles, the field was produced by multiple-level magnetic solenoid coils. This paper outlined the design method for the multiple-level solenoid field. And then, the measurement results for the magnetic intensity at different axis locations inside the solenoid field were compared with the numerical computation results. The computation results also showed that, near the axis area of the multiple-level solenoid, the magnetic intensity is smoothly developed. This feature allows the easy movement of magnetic particles since an abrupt gradient tends to accumulate the particles.

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