Turbulent flow and heat transfer in rectangular channel has an important significance in engineering. Conventional approach to caculate Nusselt number of rectangular channel approximately is to take the equivalent diameter as the characteristic length and use the classic circular channel turbulent heat transfer coefficient correlations. However, under these conditions, the caculation error of Nusselt number can reach to 14% and thus this approach can not substantially describe the variation of Nusselt number of rectangular cross-sections with different aspect ratios. Therefore, caculation by using equivalent diameter as the characteristic length in classic experiment formula needs to be corrected. Seven groups of rectangular channel models with different aspect ratios have been studied numerically in this paper. By using standard turbulence model, the flow and heat transfer law of air with varing properties has been studied in 4 different sets of conditions in Reynolds number. The simulation and experimental results are in good agreement. The simulation results show that with the increase of aspect ratio, the cross-sectional average Nusselt number increased, Nusselt number of circumferential wall distributed more evenly and the difference between the infinite plate channel and square channel went up to 25%. The effects of corner region and long\short sides on heat transfer have also been investigated in this paper. Results show that in rectangular channel, heat transfer in corner region is significantly weaker than it in other region. With the increase of aspect ratio, effect on the long side of heat transfer of the short side is gradually reduced, and then eventually eliminates completely in the infinite flat place. Based on the studies above, correction coefficient for rectangular channels with different aspect ratios has been proposed in this paper and the accuracy of the correction coefficient has been varified by numerical simulations. This can reflect the variation of Nusselt number under different aspect ratios more effectively and thus has current significance for project to calculate Nusselt number of heat transfer in rectangular channel.

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