Cooling technique in mini-scale heat sink is essential with the development of high power electronics such as electronic chip. As heat transfer techniques, jet impingement cooling and convective cooling by roughened surface are commonly adopted. To obtain good cooling efficiency, the cooling structure within the heat sink should be carefully designed. In the present study, mini-scale heat sink with feature size of 1∼10 mm is set up. Arrangement of jet impingement and dimple/protrusion surface are designed as heat transfer augmentation approaches. The effect of dimple/protrusion configuration is discussed. From the result, the Nu distribution of on heat sink surface is demonstrated for each case. The pressure penalty due to the arrangement of roughened structure is evaluated. Also, thermal performance TP and performance evaluation plot are adopted as evaluations of cooling performance for each configuration. Comparing all cases, optimal cooling structure considering the energy saving performance is obtained for the mini-scale heat sink. Referencing the statistics, new insight has been provided for the design of cooling structure inside mini-scale heat sink.

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