With the rapid development of the supersonic aircraft technology, tremendously, the aircraft Mach numbers get higher and higher, but on the other hand, the working condition become worse and worse. The photonic crystal material which is formed by the periodic micro/nanoscale structures can generate the photonic band gaps, and the photonic band gaps could reflect the energy of the electromagnetic wave effectively. Consequently, the photonic crystal material turns into the newly-developing hotspot on the field of thermal protection for the supersonic aircraft. In this paper, the aircraft states of Mach 6 are set as the target operating condition, and 5 optimum proposals are presented for the structures of typical photonic crystal material. The energy which gets into the body material is calculated; Based on the theory of the electromagnetic field, using the method of transmission matrix and Plane Wave Expansion (PWE), the characteristics of the photonic band gaps for one-and-three dimensional photonic crystals are calculated. Finally, the characteristics of the photonic band gaps are discussed, and optimal design for the performance of the photonic crystal material thermal protection are proposed.

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