The thermal management of integrated circuits becomes more and more serious since the density of transistors grows gradually. Recently, a new cooling method is dedicated to develop microchannel heat sink with high integrated and high cooling efficiency. In view of above purpose, the heat transfer enhancement and pressure drop reduction in microchannel with dimples are investigated in this paper. A single module of 1mm×1mm×20mm with a microchannel was employed, which hydraulic diameter and aspect ratio are 500 μm and 2:1 respectively. For replacing the running integrated circuits, a constant heat flux of 1W/mm2 was arranged on the bottom of the heat sink. Six different types of microchannels with dimples were designed and numerically studied under the condition of laminar flow. The results show that dimple could enhance heat transfer and decrease flow resistance under the condition of laminar flow. Compared with traditional microchannel heat sink, dimple-microchannel heat sink has stronger cooling capacity, could be an attractive choice for cooling of future microelectronics.

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