This paper describes the CFD analysis of single rectangular microchannel for hydraulic diameter 319 μm. While CFD analysis the Nusselt number observed is 4 to 5 with different Reynolds Number variation for flow rate of 0.001 kg/sec to 0.012 kg/sec. The current work describes CFD analysis of single microchannels for length of 50 mm with water as a fluid medium with laminar flow. Computational Fluid dynamics analysis of Single rectangular microchannel Single rectangular microchannel of 319 μm hydraulic diameter is analyzed to study the flow characteristics in the inlet, microchannel test section and outlet test section with ANSYS CFX-11 for pressure drop, temperature drop, velocity counter of single micro-channel. For analyzing the weather the turbulence is created at inlet part of the microchannel a pressure drop analysis is carried for flow rate of 0.012 kg/sec with heat input 5.33 watt/cm2 under laminar flow consideration. For analyzing the temperature profile across microchannel a for flow rate of 0.012 kg/sec with heat input 5.33 watt/cm2 under laminar flow is considered.. For single microchannel the temperature rise of water is in range of 1 °K to 2 °K at center plane of microchannel. It is found that at leading edges or leaving edge the temperature rise in water is higher as compare to entering edge of microchannel. It is due to while entering to leaving of water particles in microchannel it collapse each other and try to increasing friction along each other so at outlet or leading edge the temperature rise is seen higher as compare to in let portion of single microchannel.

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