The current study is focused on thermal radiation interaction with the natural convection of atmospheric brown cloud (ABC). The current study puts emphasis on ultra fine carbon-black particle suspension of several nano meter range along with some pollutant gas mixture with atmospheric air. The numerical simulation of double diffusive thermo-gravitational convection of ABC is done with Hide and Mason laboratory model for atmosphere. The effect of flow circulation is simulated by setting different value of buoyancy ratios. The effect of participating media radiation has been investigated for various values of optical depth. The governing equations, describing circulation of ABC are solved using modified Marker and Cell method. Gradient dependent consistent hybrid upwind scheme of second order is used for discretization of the convective terms. Discrete ordinate method, with S8 approximation is used to solve radiative transport equation. Comprehensive studies on controlling parameters that affect the flow and heat transfer characteristics have been addressed. The results are provided in graphical and tabular form to delineate the flow behavior and heat transfer characteristics.

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