The Marangoni convections in microchannels are of interest in various applications such as heat transfer, material and microfluidics. In this paper, the Marangoni asymmetrical instability at a T-junction in a microchannel is investigated. The T-junction is formed by a main channel which water going through and a side channel which is open to the ambient. A convex meniscus is formed in side channel near the T-junction, evaporating/volatizing into the ambient. The consumption of water due to the evaporation is compensated by the supply from the main channel. It is found that for weak evaporations, the evaporation-induced Marangoni convections are symmetrical. However, when the evaporation reaches a critical intensity, the symmetrical Marangoni convection becomes unstable and evolves into an asymmetrical one, with one single vortex under the meniscus. More interestingly, the vortex creates a steady convection through the main channel from its one end to the other, just like a pump. The pumping flow rate is found linearly correlated with the Marangoni number at the T-junction.

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