This paper reports a new nanofluidic plasmonics-based sensing platform which can be readily integrated with microfluidics devices, and potentially enable an in-parallel transmission surface plasmon resonance (SPR), lab-on-chip sensing technology. The technology overcomes the current SPR size limitations through a combination of nanofluidics and nanoplasmonics in a rationally designed in-plane nanoslit array capable of concurrent plasmonic sensing and confined-flow for analyte delivery. This work is leveraged on our previous work of using nanoslit metal films for SPR sensing [1, 2], and the in-plane nanofluidic nanoplasmonic platform is different from recently reported nanohole-based nanofluidic plasmonics sensors [3, 4]. The work presented here includes an integrated device with nanofluidic nanoplasmonic arrays interfacing with microfluidic channels, and preliminary findings, from both theoretical and experimental fronts, of the device for bio-sensing.

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