In this study, the enhancement of boiling heat transfer through surface modification of heat transfer materials by surface coating was investigated. Specifically, the study evaluated how the boiling heat transfer performance of CNT/metal composite coatings, fabricated by the cold gas dynamic spray process, was affected by the addition of different ceramic particles on the raw materials of these surface coatings. These raw materials were composite powders of CNT, Cu powder, and ceramic powders (SiC, AlN, and BN) that were mechanically alloyed using an attrition ball mill.

The boiling heat transfer tests were performed in a pool of R134a at a gauge pressure of 2.5 kg/cm2 and liquid temperature of 4.8°C. Test results showed that the addition of ceramic particles in the CNT/Cu composite powders can further augment boiling heat transfer. The augmented boiling heat transfer performance varied with the kind of ceramic powder added and with their quantity. The highest enhancement ratio was 2.57. This was exhibited by a Cu plate specimen that was cold spray coated with (5 vol.% CNT + 95 vol.% Cu) + 20 vol.% AlN composite powder.

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