Target drug delivery is one of the core issues in modern medicine. Although both thermo-sensitive and magnetic drug vehicles have been developed for this purpose, reliable drug targeting is yet to achieve, because it’s hard to control local temperature in body for thermo-sensitive drugs, and it’s also difficult to control the colloidal sizes of magnetic vehicles to meet the requirements for both long-time circulation and magnetic responsibility. Here we present a new technology to solve these two problems. The drug (taxel) was combined with hyper-branched thermo-sensitive polymer and magnetic nanoparticles. Magnetic responsibility of the complex can be remotely controlled by applying an alternating magnetic field. The untreated complexes were stable in dispersion, while after exposing to the alternating magnetic filed for 5 minutes, the complexes were destabilized and deposited from dispersion quickly. Unlike the commonly used water bath, the technology present here can heat up the drug vehicles remotely from outside, which must have great potentials in the applications of magnetic or thermo-sensitive drug delivery.

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