Journal bearings, which are used to support radial loads in a rotating machine, have somewhat unusual requirements in MEMS deriving from the extremely shallow structures. Thus, the micro gas journal bearings are characterized by a very small length-diameter ratio, defined as the ratio of the bearing length to its diameter and a paradoxically large bearing clearance ratio, defined as the ratio of the average radial clearance to the bearing radius. Given the definition of the reference Knudsen number for micro gas journal bearings, the range of the reference Knudsen number is illustrated according to the viscosity values of air under different temperatures. With the reference Knudsen number being included, the modified Reynolds equation for micro gas journal bearings based on Burgdorfer’s first order slip boundary condition is put forward. The finite difference method (FDM) is employed to solve the modified Reynolds equation to obtain the pressure distribution, load capacities and attitude angles for micro gas journal bearings under different reference Knudsen numbers, bearing numbers and eccentricity ratios. Numerical analysis shows that the pressure profiles and non-dimensional load capacities decrease obviously with gas rarefaction strengthened, and the attitude angle changes conversely. Moreover, when the bearing number is smaller, the effect of gas rarefaction on the non-dimensional load capacity and attitude angle is less.

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