Natural convective heat and mass transfer in a cavity partially filled with a vertical porous layer along the left wall was studied in this paper. Different uniform temperature and concentration were specified at the external vertical walls of the cavity while the horizontal walls are adiabatic and impermeable. Two-domain model together with weak constraint method at the porous/fluid interface was used to simulate the flow, heat and mass transfer in the cavity. The shear stress jump condition at the porous/fluid interface is invoked when the Brinkman-Forhheimer-extended Darcy model is used. The mesoscopic structure is homogeneous (the porosity is constant) at the interior region of porous media while the mesoscopic structure changes acutely at the porous/fluid interfacial location. The effect of the mesoscopic structure changes at the porous/fluid interface region on the macroscopic balance is preserved by prescribing the stress jump condition at the interface. This paper focused on the changes of the stress jump coefficients and their influence on heat and mass transfer at the porous/fluid interface.

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