In recent years, optical fiber technology are emerged as the most popular technology for its unique characteristics, such as free of electromagnetic interference, high precision, etc. A novel Opto-Chemical Ring Resonator (OCRR) has been presented for detecting gas odorant. The sensor is designed based on Morphology Dependent Resonances (MDR) which follows Maxwell’s electromagnetic equations. In this paper, we have presented a novel technique to integrate chemical science and optical technology by using OCRR. Optical resonances of electromagnetic wave propagations in dielectric micro-ring resonator have been developed based on asymptotic approach. The developed expression for size parameter for transverse electric wave is very simple and can be used to characterize the resonances in dielectric micro-ring resonator. Parametric studies based on developed asymptotic expression have been presented to determine the resonance frequency at particular chemical composition. Resonance frequencies will be shifted as surrounding chemical composition changes as odorant changes, i.e., MDR frequencies trapped inside the dielectric ring resonator are influenced by chemical composition of the odorant, and the OCRR sensor is designed based on this principle. Finite element simulation is used to predict the performance of the sensor and found encouraging results for odorant sensing. Parametric studies show that present study will help to develop novel OCRR sensors for micro/nano technology and biomedical applications.

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