At present electrokinetics is widely used in biotechnology for the manipulation of biomolecules, such as separation of proteins, sequencing of polypeptide chains etc. Thus it is important to study the interaction forces between the molecules and the surfaces they come in contact. In the present study we numerically solve Poisson-Nernst-Planck (PNP) model to obtain electric double layer (EDL) and its interaction when a cylindrical particle is in proximity of a planar charged wall. The axial flow field induced by the external electric field applied parallel to the planar wall is obtained from the solution of Stokes equations. The electrophoretic motion of the particle is then obtained by balancing the forces acting on the particle such as hydrodynamic, electrostatic etc. The EDL interaction force calculated using Maxwell tensor in conjunction with PNP model is validated by comparing with the one obtained from surface-element-integration method.

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