A novel MEMS hollow microneedle array is fabricated through the exposure technique in deep X-ray lithography and development procedure in this paper. The method to fabricate microneedle array presented in this paper needn’t any special apparatuses, and is very easy to operate. A method to compensate the beam distribution of synchrotron radiation light source is described. The PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) sheet is chosen as the material of microneedle. The length of the hollow microneedle fabricated is 160μ m. The outer diameter of microneedle is 80μm, and the inner diameter of microneedle is 40μm. The mechanical characters of microneedle, such as the force withstanding capabilities, are studied through both the theoretical analysis and numerical simulation of finite element method. The analysis results of the mechanical character show that the strength of microneedles fabricated in this paper is enough to pierce human skin.

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