According to the characteristic that the force between a permanent magnetic couple changes nonlinearly with the magnetic displacement, a novel micro acceleration switch of permanent magnetic force is designed. The stiffness of the beam suspension, the module mass in the micro switch, and the magnetic force of the permanent magnet couple are selected as the major structure parameters and nine acceleration switches with every kind of combinations of the structure parameters were designed by using an orthogonal array. A Finite Element Method (FEM) model is built to simulate the contact force between the module and the contactors and the operation of the nine switches under a preset excitation wave of the environmental acceleration. The first 6 order natural frequencies and the vibration modals of the micro acceleration switch are obtained. The range analysis is given based on the simulation results of the contact forces. The results reveal that, in the three major structure parameters, the stiffness of the beam suspension W affects the electrical contact reliability the best with the permanent magnetic force F secondly and the mass G the least. The combination of structure factors that results in the best electrical reliability is W1G2F2, namely, the beam suspension stiffness W of 2134N/m, the module mass of 1.99g and the permanent magnetic force of 0.21N.

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