The pulsed jet device is a kind of device that can jet rapidly with micro flux. Present jet methods cannot fulfill the requirements of a large-flux, high-speed and stability in some applications. Combining with the character of pulsed jet device and the advantage of high-speed on-off valve, a new kind of micro-flux jet device —pulse jet on-off valve was designed. The basic structure and the working theory of the device were introduced first; then the valve was studied in detail on the basis of the requirements of jet speed and flux, including structure selection, rated pressure computation, dimension designing etc.. The advantages and disadvantages of actuators driven by electromagnetic, piezoelectric and giant magnetostrictive material (GMM) were compared, then GMM was chosen to drive the pulsed jet on-off valve. The flux and jet speed response experiments demonstrated that the pulsed jet on-off valve based on giant magnetostrictive actuator (GMA) could fulfill the requirements of application.

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