In order to improve the situation that the design of microactuator is mostly based on the intuition and experience of researchers, the method of continuum topology optimization using the nodal density is introduced to the conceptual design of microactuator. This new method can ensure C0 continuity of density field in a fixed design domain. The ratio of mutual energy to strain energy of the mechanism is regarded as the objective function, where, the mutual energy and strain energy describe the kinematic function and structural function of microactuator respectively. The final configuration of microactuator is decided on the guide of conceptual design combined with the given working conditions. The finite element method is applied to analysis the transmission ratio and clamping force of microactuator. The prototype of the microactuator is fabricated by using micro-electroforming and SU-8 photolithography techniques and the displacement of the micro actuator is measured by using the stereo vision microscopy. The experimental results show that the properties of the micro actuator can satisfy the designing demands. This topological optimization method based on nodal density plays an important role in guiding the structure design of micro actuator.

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