The proposed microelectromechanical (MEMS) tunneling gyroscope uses a general principle of operation that is commonly used for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). In STM a bias voltage is applied between a sharp metal tip and a conducting sample. When the tip and sample are brought to within a few Angstroms (Å) of each other, a tunneling current can flow due to quantum mechanical tunneling effects. Because the tunneling current is exponentially dependent on the separation between the tip and the sample, the distance between the tip the sample can be measured to within 10−3 (Å). There are two motions in two directions in tunneling gyroscope: drive mode and sense mode. For decoupling drive mode and sense mode, two schemes are studied forward: (1) doubly decoupled comb drive plate oscillation gyroscope: There is only longitudinal relative motion, no landscape orientation relative motion between two electrodes.(2) Cantilever tunnel gyroscope: By using of ladders cantilever, relative motion of the silicon tip in the drive direction was reducing.

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