In order to illustrate the effect of the TiOx wires’ characters on the tunneling phenomenon in room temperature and to determine the narrowest TiOx wire as well as its forming conditions which cannot lead to the breakdown of the tunneling junction, the fabrication and tunneling mechanism are analyzed. The TiOx wires with different widths are fabricated by changing the ambient humidity and keeping the scanning speed, oxygen concentration and applied voltage at the same value. The I-V characteristics of tunneling junctions with different width are measured. The results indicate that the narrowest TiOx wire with line width about 16nm can be fabricated between two electrodes of the ultra fast photoconductive switch when the voltage between two electrodes is 6V, which cannot leads to the breakdown of the tunneling junction. It is also found that at room temperature, I-V characteristics of tunneling junctions between two electrodes follows exponential dependence evidently.

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