This paper presents opto-electro-mechanical mixed-signal system-level modeling of micro deformable mirror, the core component of micro adaptive optics system. Micro deformable mirror element was decomposed into functional components and those components were connected to establish a network to represent the real device. Many mirror element models were put together to represent mirror arrays. Then simulations were implemented in just one emulator. The mirror element was decomposed into three kinds of functional components based on this method, i.e. mechanical structure component (beam and mass), electro-mechanical coupling component (electrostatic gap) and optics component (reflective mirror). The mechanical structure behavioral model, the electro-mechanical coupling behavioral model and optical behavioral model could be set up based on the theory of rigid body relative movement and matrix structural analysis, the law of energy conservation and the theory of ray optics and Gaussian beam, respectively. The models were coded in analog hardware description language and a system-level model of micro deformable mirror was established using these models. Electro-mechanical coupling simulations were implemented to find the resonance frequency, the response time and voltage-displacement relationship of the micro deformable mirror element. The frequency analysis results were compared with ANSYS simulations, and the result proved that the method has near FEM accuracy. Then optical phase modulation simulation of micro deformable mirror arrays was implemented to investigate the relationship between input optical signal and output optical signal when control voltage was applied. The simulation result indicated that the mixed-signal system-level simulation of micro deformable mirror could be accomplished rapidly in this way.

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