This paper a System of argon-ion laser enhanced anisotropic etching is designed. A basic description of the structure and principle of the system will first be presented. This system can be described as enhanced etching rate of silicon. It also has the important advantage of not requiring the silicon is covered with a thick of oxide or other masked for any plane of silicon crystal that adds considerable complexity to the manufacture. When experiment temperature is 90 °C and KOH density is 34mol, an averaged instantaneous etching rate as high 25μm/min has been observed in silicon for a 4.6W input laser power, this etching rate register a 500% increase model on conventional anisotropic etching of silicon. Discussing the anisotropic etching rate of silicon dependence on the laser power and on the temperature are further. The experiment results show that the system structure design is reasonable and it can meet the requirement of every planes of silicon crystal etching, it can be used widely in variety of application aspects.

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