A novel micro gripper integrating tri-axial force sensor and two grades displacement amplifier is presented in this paper, which bases on the technology of Piezoresistive detection and use PZT as its micro driving component. The micro tri-axial force sensor is fabricated on a single-crystalline-silicon by the technology of MEMS and consists of a flexible cross-structure realized by deep reactive ion etching (DRIE). The arms of the cross-structure are connected to a silicon frame and to the central part of the cross-structure. After modeling the amplifier structure of micro gripper and the sensor, finite element method (FEM) is used to analyze the displacement of the micro gripper and the deformation of the cross-structure elastic cantilever. A calibration method of tri-axial sensor based on the technology of microscopic vision and the principle of bending deflection cantilever is proposed. The experimental verified that the sensor are high level of intrinsic decoupling of the signals from strain gauge, high resolutions in all three axes, high linearity and repeatability and simple produce of calculation. And also show the micro gripper is reasonable and practical. The sensor is capable of resolving forces up to 10mN with resolution of 2.4μN in x axis and y axis and up to 10mN with resolution of 4.2μN in z axis; the gripping displacement of the micro gripper is from 20μm to 300μm.

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