MEMS industry in Japan has successfully taken off and been expected its rapid expansion, and is classified as a priority technology in the 3rd Science and Technology Basic Plan. Further involvement from the government in support technology development and commercialization is essential to achieve competitive advantage of the industry. In relation with the large anticipation of MEMS industry, Micromachine Center recently launched MEMS Industry Forum (MIF) in order to support MEMS industry development in collaboration with the government, the academia and the industry. Primary activities of MIF are policies proposal to the government, supporting the national project implementation, education, MEMS foundry service network and so on. The new national project, conducted by New Energy and Industrial Technology development Organization (NEDO), launched in July, 2006. The project focuses upon technology development on highly integrated MEMS, such as MEMS/MEMS, CMOS/MEMS and Nano/MEMS integrations, and its final goal is to commercialize the next generation MEMS devices and systems in five to ten years.

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