In the field of MEMS, optical instruments and communication, the manipulation tasks such as mechanics property test of micro-material, micro-components assembling, and fibers connecting, are challenging for their minuteness and accuracy. It is measured in the scale of micrometer or sub micrometer. The full-compliant mechanisms are the best alternative, which are characteristically of their compliant hinge, and monolithic chip forming, and can be used for transmit a certain high-accuracy motion. Nevertheless, the full-compliant mechanisms have some shortages, for instance, small working space, nonlinear in large range motion, complicated in kinematical and mechanics etc. inherited from the parallel mechanisms that instructs the design of full-compliant mechanism generally. In this article, the redundant actuated parallel robot with full compliant is introduced to overcome some shortcomings of the full-compliant mechanism. The redundant actuated mechanisms provide redundant inputs and can be used in some complicated force manipulations, for example, improving the stress distribution while implements the main task for enhancing the fatigue nature of the complaint mechanism itself. As an example, a 3-DOF planar redundant actuated full-complaint robot is studied both in the modeling and control system.

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