Test results indicate that brucite fibers could be well dispersed by using OT as the dispersant at the water/solid ratio of 20:1, at the dosage of 15% of fiber quality and in the dispersing duration of 30 minutes. The prepared nanofibers were characterized with a scan electron microscope (SEM) and a transmission electron microscope (TEM). Test results indicate that the prepared single brucite nanofiber was around 30nm long in diameter and the talus of non-single brucite nanofibers was about 50nm∼150nm long in diameter. Brucite nanofibers may be used as a fortifier for compound such as the SiO2 aerogel super insulating materials. Since brucite is also an excellent fire retardant, brucite nanofibers are expected to be used widely in the high-molecular materials sector.

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