Joining of rubbers to metals are mainly divided into indirect joining and direct joining. Indirect joining with adhesives is unsuitable for complicated shape components and many adhesives are bad for the environment, whereas direct joining without any adhesive can overcome those problems. Polymer plating of 6-diallylamino-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-dithiol monosodium salt was employed for the fabrication of nanoscale film on the surface of high ductile spheroidal-graphite cast iron. With the prepared nanofilm having the affinity to EPDM rubber, direct joining of EPDM rubber/cast iron with good peel property and service performance was obtained in the process of crosslinking. The effect of crosslinking temperature on property of EPDM rubber/cast iron adherend was analyzed. It was found that the optimal crosslinking temperature is 418 K and crosslinking time is 7 min. Direct joining of rubbers/metals is suitable for adhering of complicated shape metallic parts/rubbers and for micro-joining of engineering assemblies.

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