The MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) process is used in a micro/nano pattern manufacturing method. This method is based on the lithography technology. But the MEMS process has some problems such as complicated process, long processing time and high production costs. Many researchers are doing research in substitute manufacturing method to work out a solution to these problems. In this paper, we apply a dieless incremental forming technology to a substitute method of MEMS process. This dieless forming technology is using in the commercial scale sheet forming such as a prototype of automobile sheet parts. 5-axes CNC (Computerized Numeric Control) method are applied in this system to get a micro-scale dieless forming results. These 5-axes system are composed of precision AC servo motor stages (4-axes) and PZT actuator (1-axis). A PZT actuator is used in a precision actuating axis because it can be operated in the nano scale stroke resolution. This micro dieless incremental forming system has the advantage of minimization in manipulating distance and working space. As equipment and tools become smaller in size, minute inertia force and high natural frequency can be obtained. Therefore, high precision forming performance can be obtained. This allows the factory to quickly provide the customer with goods because the manufacturing system and process are reduced. To construct this micro manufacturing system, many technologies are necessary such as high stiffness frame, high precision actuating part, structural analysis, high precision tools and system control. To achieve the optimal forming quality, the micro dieless forming system is designed and made with high stiffness characteristic.

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