The influences of different applied voltages on spinnerets and distance between spinnerets are investigated when the spinnerets are arrayed in matrix shape in electrospinning. The models of one, two, three and nine spinnerets were set up and the electric field intensity was simulated and analyzed. By experiments, the voltage thresholds of ejection at different distance, the nanofibers electrospun by different distances between the spinnerets and different voltages were explored. The experiment results show that, in some extent of distance, the electric field intensity will decrease gradually with the distance between spinnerets rising. If the tips of multi-spinneret array are in the same distance to the collector, the voltage threshold of the center spinneret is extremely high and the solution is difficult to be ejected. If the same voltage is applied on multi-spinneret array, the quality of spinning becomes worse with the applied voltage increasing, that is, the nanofibers become more chaos and their diameters increase.

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