PVC/nano-CaCO3 composites were prepared through ultrasonic irradiation. The optimum time of ultrasonic irradiation is 30 min. The fracture toughness of the nanocomposites was investigated by J-integral method based on the mechanical properties and morphology. Compared with corresponding nanocomposites and unfilled PVC, the prepared nanocomposites exhibit outstanding mechanical performances. The mechanical properties of spindly shaped CaCO3 filled PVC are better than these of the cubic nano-CaCO3, which are likely attributed to high aspect ratio of spindly shaped nano-CaCO3. In addition, the mechanical properties of PVC/nano-CaCO3 composites can be improved considerably when the content of nano-CaCO3 is 5–15 phr. Ultrasonic irradiation realizes the excellent dispersion of nanoparticles in the PVC, and offers a new way to deal with the challenges encountered in preparing polymer/nanocomposites materials.

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