A high g accelerometer based on Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) piezoresistive material with cantilever beam is described, which can measure the acceleration up to 105 g. The excellent electrical and mechanical properties of SOI material may be suitable in the applications of the high-g force accelerometer as an electromechanical sensor. One kind of SOI Wheatstone bridge strain silicon gauge is developed, and the size of the SOI silicon gauge is 1.8mm×1.6mm×0.2mm. A kind of cantilever beam structure is designed to endure the impact of high-g acceleration. The SOI silicon gauge is bonded on the cantilever beam by the way of AuSn eutectic. The fabricated devices have been subjected to shock tests up to 105 g by using a Hopkinson’s bar, the resonance frequency of which may be up to 40 kHz. The design modeling procedures and results are reported and the fabrication steps are described.

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