One kind of jet electrodeposition machine with multi-spindle function has been successfully designed and launched. With the jet electro-deposition device, Al2O3 particles of average size 30 nm were co-deposited with Copper on a steel substrate using a Watts bath at 50°C and the compound layer was processed by laser in order to make the layer clad on the substrate in a well binding force. The compound layer’s microstructure was examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the mechanical properties of the coated steels were examined with hardness and tensile tests. The effects exerted by the current density, weight percentage of Al2O3 in electrolyte and the presence of laser treatment was investigated respectively. It shows a relatively small current density and a certain of Al2O3 particles have a positive effect on both surface morphology and coated material’s mechanical behavior. In addition, result also shows the coating processed by laser, attained a hardness up to 820 HV, which is considerably increased than substrate.

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