Multi-scale evaluation of microscopic grit protrusion topography on dressed wheel surface was conducted with reference to diamond grit protrusion height, its distribution coefficient, active grit protrusion number, grit pull-out number and protrusion fractal dimension. The aim is to evaluate dressing performance of diamond grinding wheel by the use of grit protrusion topography. First, dressing experiments of metal-bonded #40, #80 and #120 diamond grinding wheels were conducted with reference to different dressing parameters such as the depth of cut and moving speed. Second, grit protrusion height was measured and its distribution coefficient was analyzed. Then, the microscopic observation of grit protrusion feature was conducted to evaluate dressing results. Finally, fractal dimension was employed to analyze cutting edge integrality of diamond grit protrusion. The experimental results and theoretical analyses showed that average protrusion height is about 1/3 of diamond grit size and mainly depends on the depth of cut. The distribution coefficient of protrusion height can be used to evaluate the trimness of grit protrusion heights and active grit number. In addition, the fractal dimension of grit protrusion shape can display grit cutting edge integrity and its crack feature, namely the less fractal dimension, the better grit protrusion integrity and the better dressing result.

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