In this paper, a model of disposition in gas was built, Verlet arithmetic of molecular dynamics (MD) computer simulation method was carried out to simulate molecular movement during deposition process. In deposition experiments, we find that as discharge current or discharge duration increases, single discharge energy increase, correspondingly the deposited granule’s size and deposition velocity both increase. However when discharge current increase to a certain value (13A),or discharge duration increase to a certain degree (>4μs), single discharge energy will be too high that the electrode is easy to burn, so the deposition velocity decreases, deposition even be failure. From the simulation results we find the same law. Simulation rsults show that the relation of emitting velocity to deposition velocity and relation of discharge electric field to deposition velocity of the simulation results are accordant to the trend of deposition velocity to discharge current and discharge duration in experiment. This research provides the reliable theoretical basis for further experimental study on the processing law of deposition and three dimensional deposition in air in Micro EDM.

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