This paper describes an investigation of nano-Al2O3 powders reinforced ceramic coatings, which has included NiCrAl and Al2O3+13%wt.TiO2 coats pre-produced by atmosphere plasma spraying, implemented by laser sintering. Commercial NiCrAl powders were plasma sprayed onto 45 Steel substrates to give a bond coat with thickness of ∼100μm. The 600μm thick Al2O3+13%wt.TiO2 based coating was also plasma sprayed on top of the NiCrAl bond coat. With 2.5kw continuous wave CO2 laser, nano-Al2O3 ceramic powders were laser sintered on the based Coatings. The micro structure and chemical composition of the modified Al2O3+13%wt.TiO2 coatings were analyzed by such detection devices as scanning electronic microscope (SEM) and x-ray diffraction (XRD). Microhardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the modified coatings were also tested and compared with that of the unmodified. The results show that the crystal grain size of Al2O3 had no obvious growth. In addition, due to the nanostructured Al2O3 ceramic phases, the coatings exhibited higher microhardness, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance than those unmodified counterparts. The complex process of plasma spraying with laser sintering as a potential effective way of the application of ceramic nano materials was also simply discussed and summarized in the end.

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