In this paper, a novel PZT film patterning method by femtosecond laser is proposed. The method is different from traditional dry-etching and wet-etching technology. Femtosecond laser microfabrication technology has several advantages such as high resolution, no mask direct-writing and seldom-heating, etc. A two-layer (PZT thin film and substrate) heating and ablating threshold model is built and the relationship of PZT/Si two-layer system micro ablation morphology depending on laser pulse energy is constructed. From the model and experiment data, we obtain the suitable energy region to pattern PZT film freely without damage Si substrate. A 3μm resolution of PZT pattern is achieved in our experiment. In order to verify the fabrication available of this technology, several micro functional devices are successfully patterned by optimized femtosecond pulsed laser energy and their function are detected. The results prove that the PZT patterning quality is good.

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