Suspension system is one of the most important factors for the comfort property in an automobile system. In general a simple suspension system in comprised of a spring and damper. Now a days there is lots of research going on to increase the comfort factor and the life of the suspension system. In this paper we analyse that some smart fluid like magnetorheological and electroheological materials belonging to a family of controllable fluids can increase the comfort factor and life of the car suspension system. These fluids can be defined as fluids in which the flow can be controlled through the application of an electric or magnetic field. The properties of these micro fluids, such as viscosity, elasticity and plasticity, change in the order of milliseconds in response. The Micro fluid car suspension system (MFCSS) can be capable of providing a wide dynamic range of force control for very modest input power levels. The fluid valve and associated design are fully contained within the damper.

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