Since compliant mechanism is usually required to perform in more than one environment, the ability to consider multiple objectives has to be included within the framework of topology optimization. And the topology optimization of micro-compliant mechanisms is actually a geometrically nonlinear problem. This paper deals with multiobjective topology optimization of micro-compliant mechanisms undergoing large deformation. The objective function is defined by the minimum compliance and maximum geometric advantage to design a mechanism which meets both stiffness and flexibility requirements. The weighted sum of conflicting objectives resulting from the norm method is used to generate the optimal compromise solutions, and the decision function is set to select the preferred solution. Geometrically nonlinear structural response is calculated using a Total-Lagrange finite element formulation and the equilibrium is found using an incremental scheme combined with Newton-Raphson iterations. The solid isotropic material with penalization approach is used in design of compliant mechanisms. The sensitivities of the objective functions are found with the adjoint method and the optimization problem is solved using the Method of Moving Asymptotes. These methods are further investigated and realized with the numerical example of compliant microgripper, which is simulated to show the availability of this approach proposed in this paper.

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