Nanotechnology can be applied to various industries and textile industry is one of the foremost industries benefited. Starting 1997, textile industry pioneers with foresight already using the nanometer particles to coat on yarns, fibre and fabric to give innovation to the industry. There was estimation that in 2007, the market for the nanometer particles application, electronic textiles and wearable electronics had reached US$13.6 billion and projected to hit US$115 billion in 2012 (1). Despite this great potential, the textile industries find themselves like swimming in the big ocean when applying nanotechnology to their products. Consumers are hesitated to accept the nano-treated garments as they have little knowledge when comes to nanotechnology. A poll was taken out in August, 2007 showed that in United States, many Americans know little to nothing about nanotechnology. Only 6% of Americans have “heard a lot” about nanotechnology and 42% have heard “nothing at all” (2, 3).

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