High-performance transparent and flexible thin film transistors (TFTs) were fabricated on glass and plastic substrates using alligned SnO2 nanowires as the channel material. High densities of crystalline SnO2 nanowires were dry-transferred directly onto the glass/plastic substrates, followed by low-temperature patterning of the source/drain and gate electrodes. Transparent TFTs fabricated on glass substrates show excellent electrical properties and optical transmittance. Excellent mechanical flexibility can be further obtained under cyclic tension experiments in devices fabricated on plastic substrates. The charge carrier mobility was estimated to be as high as 160 cm2/V·s — two orders of magnitude higher than that of conventional amorphous-silicon or organic TFTs. Cutoff frequency > 70 MHz and on/off ratio > 106 have also been demonstrated. The low-cost nanowire growth and dry-transfer processes make this approach a cost-effective means to fabricate transparent and/or flexible TFTs on non-conventional substrates.

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